By Staff

I’m pleased to say that as I write this letter, our 1995
Show Directory is now in , print and available! We want you to
know, again, that there’s no need to destroy your magazine to
use the order blank on the inside cover. We put our ad there since
it’s such an easy to find spot, but all you need to do is send
us your name, address and check, and tell us how many you want!

We heard from a subscriber asking for more articles on the
history of engine companies, restoring information and tips on
‘how to.’ It you have the expertise to write on some of
these subjects, let’s hear from you!

On the cover of our last issue (March), we showed Greg
Rush’s address before his recent move. He now lives at 591 Getz
Road, PenArgyl, Pennsylvania 18072, it you wanted to write him
about his story.

In recent issues, we have been getting some personally guided
comments in the text of some of our advertisers’ ads. Those of
you who engage in this kind of commentary, or who are the object of
it, know of what we speak. We rarely deny anyone access to our
advertising section, and do so only when we have strong suspicions
of fraudulent intentions. Generally speaking, you pay for the
space, and you are free to write in it what you wish to say.
However, we would greatly appreciate it it those of you who have
unpleasant remarks to make about one another, or whole
organizations, would talk to each other rather than use GEM’s
advertising pages as a soap box to take rude swipes at one another.
Our readers are looking for parts and engines in the ad section,
not recriminations.

And congratulations to our columnist Charles Wendel! This month
marks the end of his first ten years doing the Reflections column,
and fittingly, it is the largest one ever! We’ve never had a
96-page issue this early in the year, but we had to make this one
mighty large to accommodate Mr. Wendel’s 28 page column!

Plans are proceeding on our European tour for next September,
and reservations are coming in nicely! Don’t put off making
yours much longer.

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