By Staff

By the time you read this letter, I hope our directories will be
printed and in the mail to those of you who have ordered them.
Remember if you haven’t sent for one yet, now is the time to do

We at Stemgas were all saddened by the January 15 death of Bill
Starkey, a long time customer and supplier. Bill’s Starbolt
Engine Supplies has been well known to collectors for many years,
dealing in parts and literature. Bill’s obituary appears in our
In Memoriam column this month, but we are planning to do a longer
article about him later in the year. If any of you would like to
contribute to that, please write down your thoughts and send them
to us.

It was also sad to hear the news that Arthur ‘Brig’
Brigham passed away on January 22. Brig was the husband of Helen
Case Brigham, great-granddaughter of J. I. Case. The Brighams have
worked tirelessly in the creation and administration of the J. I.
Case Heritage Foundation.

I am pleased to report to you that our computer problems that
have plagued us in the past several months now seem to be a thing
of the past, and we expect that all of our subscribers will
continue to receive our magazines as expected, without
unexplainable delays! We greatly appreciate the patience of those
of you who were affected by our computer conversion.

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