Looking for Leads on an Owensboro Wagon

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I am looking for information on this wagon. It was stored in a shed in Kentucky for 50 years; then the shed blew down and the wagon was in the open for 30 years. The wheels are in concrete but will be chipped out with power tools. The wheels have steel bands; hoops for the canvas are nearby. I plan to restore it as a lawn piece and replace the wood with old barn lumber. Most of the hardware is still intact.

People in the Amish community think it may be an Owensboro. It still has some orange paint at the yoke. The brake foot lever is a bit different.

Cliff Steele, 11 Drury Lane, Somerset, KY 42501; (606) 382-1388; email: 4css@windstream.net

Published on Mar 30, 2012

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