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1 HP Mogul
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Fairbanks Morse
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Morris Blomgren, Rt. 1, Siren, WI 54872, sent this photo of two members of the Lindblad family of Wisconsin. Note the engine at rear.

Norman F. Hockemeier, Rt. 1, Box 30, Holbrook, NE 68948, sent us
this picture of his set of Moguls, about which he says, ‘All
were bought in the neighboring state of Kansas from different
collectors. My collection consists of about 50-60 engines and my
dad’s first tractor, a 1929 Regular.’ Shown here are a 4 HP
sideshaft, a 2? HP, 1? HP, 1 HP, and a 1 HP Mogul Jr.

Above, four Fairbanks Morse N models built by Mahlon (Mike)
Moyers, 37301 28th Ave. So. #31, Federal Way, WA 98003. The bore is
1?’ , stroke is 2?’, they are ignition fired. The original
25 HP N, built in 1913, operated a railroad bridge across the
Columbia River at Wishram, Washington, and now resides at
EDGE&TA Branch 15 showgrounds at Brooks, Oregon.

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