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1948 model G Allis-Chalmers
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John Deere gas engine collection
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A Stover CT-2

This 1948 model G Allis-Chalmers was purchased in Colorado in
September 1989 by Lloyd Stevens, Box 118, Leslieville, Alberta,
Canada TOM 1H0. The tractor was in run down condition with a seized
engine. Stevens restored it in the winter of 1989-90 and has since
shown it at three shows.


The above picture is of the late ‘Uncle Bill’ Browning
(left) and George Delameter, both of Lee’s Summit, Missouri.
Glen Miller, George Delameter’s son-in-law, took this picture
and had it made similar to the small boys ‘been farming
long’ picture that is seen nationwide. George Delameter and
Bill Browning are known throughout the midwest for their interest
in restoring and preserving our heritage and the machinery that was
used back then.

A Stover CT-2 restored by Bob Broome, 25 Washington Street,
Mendon, MA 01756. Bob says ‘many thanks to Jim Paquett of
Uxbridge, Massachusetts for all his help.’

D. M. Doncheski of RD 3, 14 Ryan Road, Hackettstown, NJ 07840
shows his John Deere gas engine collection: ? HP ? scale model, 1?
HP, 3 HP and 6 HP. ‘I have them mounted on the dolly shown,
which I take to engine shows.’

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