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This tractor pictured above is 61 years old and has been owned by William A. Pagel, of Box 135, Route 2, St. Charles, Minnesota 55972 for 58 years. His dad bought it in 1928.

This 1938 ‘WC’ Allis Chalmers tractor belongs to Leroy
Haug, whose son, Paul L. Haug, Route 1, Whitehall, Wisconsin 54773
sent us the photo. Leroy has owned this tractor since 1954. He
farmed with it until he quit farming in 1972. Through the efforts
of Paul, his brother, brother-in-law, and his dad, the tractor was
completely restored in the spring of 1985. This tractor must have
thousands of hours on it and now, it’s good for many, many

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