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The photos above, submitted by Kris Carr, 775 N. Homer Rd.,
Midland, Michigan 48640, were taken at the 1991 Salt River Antique
Engine and Machinery Show, held June 8 and 9 of last year. Over 250
engines and 75 tractors were on display throughout the weekend
There were several toy model displays and miniature engines which
were puttering away, fascinating both young and old alike. Another
intriguing exhibit was Robert Jahr’s water ram. The idea of the
water ram dates back to the Roman Empire; the mechanism enables
water to be pumped uphill without the benefit of electrical, gas or
animal power. This year’s Salt River show is being held on June
13 and 14, 1992. A new feature on display is a Cooper-Bessemer gas
engine formerly used to operate an oil well in the local

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