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Edison G. Brown, RR 2, Shawville, Quebec, Canada JOX 2Y0 sent this photo of his complete set of ball hopper type Listers-9 HP, 7 HP, 5 HP, 3 HP, and 2 HP.

R # 1, Box 72, So. Dayton, New York 14138.

This year, at the Chautauqua County Antique Equipment Show,
Hartfield, New York (near Mayville), they will be featuring engines
and other equipment made in New York State.

The engine pictured, owned and restored by Bruce W. Swanson,
Clymer, New York, will be a part of the August 17 & 18, 1991
exhibit. Swanson displays the following information to accompany
his engine: ‘Alfred Huntington built a small number of gasoline
engines at his factory in Ripley, N.Y., thus becoming one of only a
few engine manufacturers to have existed in Chautauqua County.
Huntington also operated the electric company in Ripley after the
turn of the century. This engine was made about 1911. It is of
crude and simple design, reflecting the ingenuity of early, rural
engine manufacturers. It is one of only two Huntingtons known to
have survived to the present.’

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