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Just wanted to write to say how impressed I was with the STL
TIKN story (GEM, June 2003, page 26). Don’s accident, his
incredible comeback and the monumental effort rebuilding the Yuba
tractor – it really touched my heart. A great story, and beautiful
pictures. Please give everyone at GEM a big thumbs up!

Dr. Delco/Dr. Delco’s, Delco-Light Museum, 4610 Jefferson
Ave. Avella, PA 15312


I would like to know if clubs that own or lease show grounds
accept non-operating antique machinery for exhibit purposes only?
Perhaps equipment that might be restored by club members down the
road? We have a running sawmill and were given an S.A. Wood Machine
Co. S4S 9- inch by 4-inch planer. It is very complete, but does not
work at this time. Would other clubs accept something like

John M. Edgerton/Northwest, Antique Power Association, 27 Loon
Lake Road, Bigfork, MT 59911

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