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2003 discovery

I’ve been relaxing and going through some back issues of Gas
Engine Magazine, in particular the October 2003 issue. I read the
article “Gasoline Engine Advantages” on pages 30-31, but totally
forgot about it.

There is a photo of the Garllus & Spooner engine on page 31.
The caption reads: “Faintly visible to the right of the flywheel
are the words, ‘Chicago Engr. Co.’ It’s assumed this was the actual
manufacturer, and that Garllus & Spooner was simply a jobber.”
I don’t know if anyone has addressed this before.

I wish to put forward that it did not refer to the original
manufacturer, but actually referred to Chicago Engraving Co., the
company that did the plate for the printer to use, or was also the

I don’t recall anybody bringing this up in any subsequent
issues. However, it is entirely possible that I missed it. Hope
this is some help.

R. Danner, 222 Bowe St. Tamaqua, PA 18252-2425

Tulare fun

Last year in 2006, we got heavy rain at the California Antique
Farm Equipment Show in Tulare, Calif. So this year, I decided to
take my Beaver, and boy did we have fun! “We,” meaning my 1951
Beaver garden tractor and I.

John Arnett, 21167 S. Seidner, Escalon, CA 95320

Dillon Supply Co.

Willard Moore thought he had a copy of the photo David Babcock
sent us in the April/May 2007 issue of GEM on page 7. But these old
store photos tend to look alike. We were very pleased to receive
Willard’s image. Check out the Olds in the lower left corner!

This shot was taken at the first Dillon Mill Supply Store on
West Martin Street, Raleigh, N.C., around 1914. We can assume one
of the men standing in the photo is the store owner, C.A. Dillon,
and the other man is possibly his brother, Grover L. Dillon, who
joined him in 1914 (his first year of business) as a partner.
Dillon Supply Co. is still in business today throughout North
Carolina. – Editor

Willard Moore, 3139 Dillon Road, Jamestown, NC 27282; (336)

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