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Courtesy of Clarence Brenengen, Galesville, Wisconsin 54630
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Courtesy of Alan New, Maplewood Farm, R.R.2, Pendleton, Indiana 46064
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Courtesy of John J. Bednar, 1128 So. 8th St., Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404
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Courtesy of George Shepherd, Museum Curator, Western Development Museum Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

I was very interested to see the rare 1? h.p. John Deere gas
engine with battery, coil, and spark plug ignition system shown in
the upper left corner of page 20 of the May-June 1968 Gas Engine

This interested me a lot because I have one just like it, and
mine is complete with the original coil box and bracket fastened to
the side of the cylinder head, as shown in the two photos I am

I just got mine for my fourteenth birthday which is today, May
23, from my dad, Al New, who also collects steam and gas engines,
tractors, cannons, guns, and anything else that is old; and I have
not got it cleaned up and painted yet, but it is a good engine.

Another main difference I notice between this engine and the
conventional magneto and ignitor type John Deere is the wording
cast on the side plate. Mine says: Mfd. By Waterloo Gasoline Engine
Company, Waterloo, Iowa. Patents Applied for. Type E. 1? H.P. 600
RPM while my standard model l? H.P. John Deere has on it:

Mfd. By John Deere Tractor Company

Waterloo Iowa. Type E. 1? H.P.

600 R.P.M.

So, in my opinion these are a transition model from the old
Waterloo Gas Engine to the John Deere and a lot of the casting
numbers are the same.

On our regular John Deere, there is a brass engine number tag
rivetted to the side plate, but there never has been one rivetted
to the side plate on this one, so I would like to know where to
find the engine number on this model. It may show up somewhere when
I get it all cleaned up. I have four engines and a 1935 John Deere
model B tractor left to restore for myself this summer as well as
three engines and a Farmall F12 to get done for my younger brother
Jimmy, age 9, so I will be kept pretty busy as I also collect and
shoot old muzzle loading guns, and have quarter horses and beef
cattle in 4-H club, and have to help my Dad.

Alan, age 14, with his 1? Hp. spark coil ignition John Deere Gas
Engine, original factory product.

(One of the younger enthusiasts writes us as follows – Anna

I am a member of the Pioneer Engineer Club at Rushville, Ind.
and the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association at Friendship,
Ind. We always go to the shows at Elwood, Ind., Rushville, Ind.,
and La Porte, Ind.

This harvest scene was taken in 1946 at Osseo, Minnesota on my
brother’s farm. He is owner of the machinery. My brother,
George, purchased the 1922 Fordson tractor reconditioned from The
Ford Motor Company in 1941. The tractor is yet going strong. The
grain binder is 50 years old, a 7 ft. McCormick Dereing make. I am
on the binder. The man to left of binder is my brother, George. The
man sitting on tractor is Fred Schnarr, hired hand.

My Monitor Pump Engine. It is in perfect condition.

The 1905 single cylinder Cadillac at the Museum.

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