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I guess I have always been interested in engines. My former
boss, now retired, was a steam engineer. He started building small
models of steam engines in his basement. It kind of rubs off. My
collection of Hopper engines started a few years ago when I was
fortunate enough to obtain an International LA model. Since that
time I have obtained a few others. The most rare in my opinion is
an ‘Empire’ made by the Empire Cream Separator Company of
Bloomfield, N. J. Another one is a Flint and Walling. I only know
of one other like it around here. I found it in an orchard a couple
of summers ago. The son of the owner said it would never run again.
I’m happy to say he was wrong.

I also enjoy ‘Gas From the Tramp Preachers Tank’. I
think this is something we also need more of this day and age.

Published on May 1, 1967

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