In Memoriam

By Staff

Everette L. Spivey, 69, a carpenter, died
Friday, March 21, 2003, at home. I knew that angels came in many
forms, but I never expected to meet one who was alternately covered
in coal soot from his steam engine or cornmeal dust from one of his
many grist mills. He drove a 1955 Greyhound diesel bus to just
about every engine show east of the Mississippi. One never knew
what treasures he would bring forth from the bowels of the big
silver bus and spread lovingly on the ground. If you admired it, he
would give it to you. If you offered to buy it, he would haggle
with you over the price, and then give it to you anyway.

If he loved anything more than cars and old engines, it was his
family and many friends. Everette never hurried. If you were in a
hurry, he would slow you down. Everybody who knew him had an
‘Everette-ism,’ and most of them had something he had given
them – from an engine to a wrench, to a pump or spark plug you
couldn’t find anywhere else. We often told him that the only
reason he worked was to buy fuel for the bus to go to engine

I’ve never known a person who helped more people, and most
of them never knew who their angel was. By his own admission, he
had a weakness for ‘young ‘uns and underdogs’ and would
give someone the last dollar he had, or stay in the hospital with a
sick person who had no family.

Everette was a loving husband to his wife, Lillie, and devoted
father to his three daughters, Diane, Rose and Renee. He was a very
successful and sought-after contractor who built some of
Mississippi’s finest homes, but his obituary simply said he was
a carpenter. That’s how he wanted to be remembered. Reminds me
of another carpenter 2,000 years ago who had that same kind of
humility and love for humanity.

Submitted by Jean R. Reeves, Ellisville, Miss.

Vincent W. Whalen, 50, of Sheridan, III.,
passed away July 20, 2003.

Vince was born Aug. 25, 1952 in Ottawa, III. He married Nancy J.
Duffield on Aug. 6, 1977. He graduated from Serena High School in
1970 and Joliet Junior College in 1972. He farmed in Mission
Township and served on many different township commissions. He was
also active in the La Salle County Township and was captain of the
Serena Volunteer Fire Department.

Vince joined the Sandwich Early Day Engine Club in 1982 and was
elected president in 1992. He was responsible for starting the
antique equipment auction at our show and he and Nancy spent many
hours working before, during and after the show to keep us running
smoothly. His leadership will be greatly missed. He was also active
in the Big Rock Plowing Match, antique tractor plowing and had
participated in the Illinois State and the National Plowing Matches
as a Master Plowman.

Vince is survived by his wife; two daughters, Katy and Susan;
and five sisters.

Submitted by Ray Forrer, Sandwich Early Day Engine

Daniel Rose, 47, of Lang Drive, Glen, N.Y.,
passed away unexpectedly March 13, 2003. Dan was a member and past
president of the Tri-County Old Time Power Association. He was the
owner and president of the Vintage Snowmobile Club of America and
publisher of their magazine.

Dan was a preserver of the past and had a passion for restoring
anything old. His main interest in gas engines were Bates &
Edmonds and tractors manufactured by Allis-Chalmers. He preserved
many early snowmobiles, most of them being very limited-production
factory racers produced by Polaris in the late 1960s and early
1970s. Dan also enjoyed restoring, driving and riding 1960s Harley
Davidson motorcycles and Chevy IIs. Despite all of these interests,
his restorations were always done to museum quality with no effort
spared on originality.

Dan’s love of anything vintage and his zest for life was
shared with his family. Whether he was at a show or an auction, Dan
was always surrounded by his loved ones. Dan will be missed by

Submitted by Wayne Neznek, Tri-County Old Time Power
Association, Pattersonville, N. Y.

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