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WILLIAM (BILL) E. CAMM, New Salisbury, Indiana, passed away
August 27, 1996, after a fight with lung cancer. He was a veteran
of the Korean War, a retired Chemical Operator for DuPont Company,
former Chief of Ramsey Volunteer Fire Department, a Mason, founding
member of the South Central Indiana Antique Engine and Tractor
Club, member of Tri-State Engine and Tractor Club, and a member of
Southern Indiana Antique Machinery Club.

He was an excellent machinist and was interested in the repair
of magnetos, which he did for friends. Always willing to loan parts
from his engines so others could get theirs to run, his smile and
wit is sadly missed by his wife, Jo Ann, daughter Paula, son Adam,
grandchildren and all friends.

Submitted by Wayne Lucas, 2120 Edwardsville Galena Rd.,
Georgetown, Indiana 47122.

DONALD PAUL WELDELE of Helena, Montana passed away November 14,
1996 from a heart attack at the age of 60. He is survived by his
wife Darlene and son, Bryan, and daughter, Neda Quinn.

Besides his love for his family, he also loved collecting Maytag
memorabilia. He also loved finding stationary engines, taking them
apart piece by piece, (ordering all original parts if needed,
mufflers, oilers, etc.) and putting them back together again,
making sure they ran well. He enjoyed painting them in their
original color. Donald was an avid enthusiast of these engines for
20 years or more.

He went to flywheel shows all over the state of Montana. He met
and talked to many people involved with engines. He is missed very
much by his family, friends and people who knew him through his
love for engines.

Submitted by his wife, Darlene and family, 705 Lydia Road,
Helena, Montana 59602.

ROBERT B. NOLAND, of Asheville, North Carolina, born November 8,
1925, passed away July 25, 1996. A veteran of World War II with the
U.S. Army Air Corps, he was retired from Asheville Fire Department
as Captain in charge of maintaining the fire trucks etc. He also
retired from his own business, Industrial Machine Service, a
welding and machine shop.

A member of the Apple Country Engine and Tractor Association, he
attended many steam and engine shows in Florida, Georgia, North
Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Indiana.

His enthusiasm and knowledge of old antique engines will be
greatly missed by many fellow collectors, his family and

Robert is survived by his wife, Nancy; daughter Diane; two sons,
Philip and Maurice; and three grandchildren, Jessica, Cody, and
Katie, who all attended shows with him.

Submitted by James B. Conger Jr., 10 Skylyn Ct., Asheville,
N C 28806-3922.

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