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EUGENE (GENE) A. SULLIVAN of Redwing, Minnesota, passed away
December 1, 1998. He is survived by his wife Shirley, a daughter
Barbara, his parents, Gaylord and Inez, and a brother, Jerome, and
sister-in-law Mary.

He served in the US Army in Vietnam from 1968 to 1970. He then
worked for Conagra Flour Mill in Hastings, Minnesota. He enjoyed
racing stock cars for several years, and then began collecting gas
engines and tractors, as his father had done.

Gene was past president of the Maytag Collectors Club. He loved
the hobby and had a great number of friends from the many shows he
and his family attended each year. Gene always had an excellent
display of restored John Deere and Maytag engines, also toys and
memorabilia. Each year, in February, Gene wanted to break up the
cold winter here in Minnesota by hosting a collectors’
get-together in his nice heated shop. There would be 50 to 75
people show up and bring something of interest to share with fellow
collectors and spend an enjoyable day visiting.

Gene will be sadly missed by all his friends and family.

Submitted by fellow collector and friend, Bob Geiken, 209 West
9th St. Hastings, Minnesota 55033.

A charter member of the Antique Engine, Tractor and Toy Club of
Eastern Pennsylvania, MELVIN E. RIEHL died on Sunday, June 23,
1998, in the Hershey, Pennsylvania, Medical Center. He had been in
that hospital since November 1997, received a heart transplant on
Easter Sunday, 1998, and was recuperating at his home in
Strausstown, Pennsylvania. However, complications set in, a week
before his death, and his passing was a shock to all.

He had served as president, show chairman of the A.E.T. & T.
Club, and he was also very involved with the Strausstown,
Pennsylvania, Lions Club that sponsored the annual Strausstown
Antique Auto Show. He was a collector of antique Pontiac autos, gas
engines of all makes, Case and John Deere tractors. He was also a
member of the Antique Automobile Club of America, Ontelauneee
Region, plus a member of many other antique collector clubs.

He is survived by his wife Mae, two sons and three
grandchildren. He is missed by his family and all who came in
contact with him in many civic and hobby activities over the

The Antique Engine, Tractor and Toy Club, located in Eastern
Pennsylvania, mourns the passing of charter member, ALPHONSE
DICIERO, of Pottsville, Pennsylvania, on July 3, 1998. He was a
member of the Board of Directors of the club, and was also a member
of the Antique Automobile Club of America, Ontelaunee Region, plus
other collector organizations.

After he retired as a welder-fabricator, he built true-to-scale
toy construction equipment, trucks and farm tractors, which he
displayed at many events. The entire collection had been disposed
of due to failing health. He had also restored a 1938 Chevrolet car
to perfection, winning a senior award in A.A.C.A. judging.

He is survived by his wife Jean, a daughter, and three
grandchildren. He is missed by his family and friends and fellow

These two memorials are from David C. Semmel, Sec/Treas.,
Antique Engine, Truck, and Toy Club, 5731 Paradise Road,
Slatington, Pennsylvania 18080.

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