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ALBERT PENNER SR. 77, of M130 Mann St., Marshfield, Wisconsin,
died at his home in October of 1988.

Albert was a member of North Central Steam & Gas Club of
Edgar, Wisconsin. He will be missed by everyone. Threshing for the
annual show was well handled by Al. He knew when the oat was good.
He made many repairs.

Albert was born on May 12, 1911 in Dohrovod, Bohemia. He came to
the U.S. with his mother and 2 sisters in 1922. In 1935 he began
working for Hub City Foods, retiring as shop foreman in 1977.

He married Isabell K. Duvall in 1935. He is survived by his
wife; one daughter, Virginia (Mrs. Donald) Fischer; four
sons-Albert Jr., Gerald, James, and Jerome; twelve grandchildren;
and five great-grandchildren.

WILLIAM BROWNING, a charter member of the Western Missouri
Antique Tractor and Machinery Association, Adrian, Missouri, passed
away January 22, 1989 at his home north of Lee’s Summit,
Missouri. ‘Uncle Bill’, as he was known to many of those he
had helped and worked with during his 74 years, was a retired
carpenter and master mechanic, as well as a saw mill operator of
great talent. You name it and he could do it. He will be greatly

Submitted by Sgt. C.H. Henley, 51 Graff Way, Lee’s
Summit, Missouri 64063.

On June 11, 1988, my father, RICHARD K. ‘Dickie’
ERICKSON of Eau Claire, Wisconsin passed away at the age of 45. The
loss is hard to accept; each engine show we attend, we keep hoping
that he will walk out from behind some old steamer wearing only his
favorite dirty overalls and. flashing that big, bright smile.

I guess if I had to try and sum up my Dad in one phrase, it
would be; ‘He was so busy giving to others that he forgot to
give to himself.’ He was blessed at an early age with an
uncanny ability to fix and repair engines of all types. As he grew,
his talent earned him the nickname of ‘Supertuner’, as well
as a mechanic’s job at Uniroyal, a job he dedicated 20 years of
his life to.

He started to tinker around on old gas engines through the help
of some friends and the local club here, the Chippewa Valley
Antique Engine and Model Club. In no time, he became dedicated to
restoring ‘golden oldies’. His pride and joy was his 7? HP
Galloway, which he transformed from an old rust bucket into a
beautiful working model admired by all.

Submitted by his son, Richard A. Erickson, 925? Cedar St.,
Eau Claire, Wisconsin 54703.

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