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FRANCIS DAY, 72, of Andover, Ohio, passed away
on August 27, 1993. Francis was one of the founding members of the
Ashtabula County Antique Engine Club. He was also an active member
of the Pioneer Steam and Gas Engine Society.

Francis was an avid collector of many types of items, including
tools, gas engines, tractors, farm equipment, and also steam.
Francis also devoted his time, knowledge, and equipment to the
engine club and to various community activities. Francis and his
wife of 45 years, Marie, could be found visiting shows from New
York to Florida, touring with his home power washing machines.

He will be greatly missed. He enriched the lives of all he met
and his memory and love of steam and gas engines will live on, for
a long time to come. Thanks, Dad!

Submitted by Paul Day, 10 Capewood Rd. #290, Simpsonville, South
Carolina 29681.

TAYLOR GRAMMER, 87, of Leroy, Illinois, retired
farmer, Allis Chalmers and gas engine collector and restorer, died
on October 15, 1993.

Taylor was an active member of the Central States
Threshermen’s Reunion, missing only four shows during the 45
years of the show’s history.

He began tinkering with engines when he was nine years old and
worked for many Allis dealers during his younger years. After
retiring he spent countless hours in his shop working on his
tractors and engines; if anyone else in the area had an Allis or an
engine that needed some work, he was the man who was contacted.

He enjoyed traveling to other shows throughout the area and
neighboring states, and made many friends along the way. Taylor
will be sorely missed by his family and many friends.

Submitted by Keith E. Mathews, R.R.1, Box 111, Leroy, Illinois
61752, for his family and the Central States Thresher-men s

Avid steam engine enthusiast DURWARD G.
STEINMETZ, LaFarge, Wisconsin, died October 9, 1993, seven days
short of his 77th birthday.

His first steam engine, a 40 HP Case, was purchased to steam
tobacco beds. That same engine, as well as a 24 HP Minneapolis and
a 110 HP Case, were later used to run a sawmill.

Dad made sorghum for years, using steam from the engine piped
through the sorghum pan to boil away the excess water. He had been
attending thresher reunions for 40 years. Many will remember him
running the shingle mill and steam engines at Mt. Pleasant,

In addition to his wife, Koletta, he is survived by daughters
Peggy Pasker and Jill Nale; four grandchildren; brothers Kennard
and Clarence; and his father-in-law, Ernest Lawrence.

This summer Durward had his first steam engine out and running
to celebrate 50 years of owning it. He planned to get it out again
this fall and invite his close steam engine friends to come.

He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

Submitted by the Steinmetz Family: Koletta Steinmtz, Peggy
Pasker, Dan and Christie Pasker, Jill Nale, Carmen and Travis

DARREL LEROY FARNHAM died September 7, 1993 in
Woodland, California. He was 81 years of age. He was preceded in
death by his wife, Joyce.

Darrel was born September 17, 1911 in Woodland and was engaged
in grain and nut farming in the Capay Valley his entire adult life.
He was a long time member of Branch # 13 of the Early Day Gas
Engine and Tractor Association, Inc. He was an active member of the
club until his health no longer permitted him to participate. He
found old engines throughout Northern California and brought many
of them back to life. He enjoyed taking part in engine shows around
the state. He will be sadly missed and always remembered.

Submitted by his friends and fellow Branch # 13 members, Stan
Gladney, 273 Riverside Dr., Woodland, California 95695 and Floyd
Percival, 109 Wisconsin Ave., Woodland, California 95695.

KERMIT (WHITEY) WINGARD, 83,ofWindsor,New York,
died June 28, 1993. He was a member of the Southern Tier Engine
Club for many years. Whitey collected and made his own hot air
engines out of odds and ends. He always had time to explain to the
children at the engine shows the principles of steam.

He worked for many years as a heavy equipment mechanic in the
Operating Engineers Union.

He will be greatly missed by his wife, June, and many friends in
the Engine Club.

Submitted by Gerald Zelesnik, 7558 Song Lake Rd., Tully, New
York 13159.

LESTER JORGENSON, 86, died suddenly at his home
in Blair, Wisconsin June 28, 1993. Lester grew up on a farm in
rural Ettrick, always enjoying anything mechanical, be it the
Fordson tractor, the 6 HP Jumbo, or the 1 HP Mogul. He hauled can
milk to Preston Co-op Creamery and did local trucking. Lester began
his collection of engines in the late ’50s after REA put them
to rest. At the time of his death he had restored over 50 of them,
bringing them back to life. He was a meticulous mechanic and expert
painter. He loved visitors, who always found him willing to talk
about where the engine had come from, what had been wrong with it,
etc. Lester liked to hunt and fish in addition to his hobby with
engines. He is survived by Florence, his wife of 58 years; son
Larry, daughter-in-law Susan, grandchildren Signe and Ingrid, and
his gas engines.

Submitted by Larry L. Jorgenson, 641 Dewey St., Wisconsin
Rapids, Wisconsin 54494.

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