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PHINEAS BLANCHFIELD, of Lake City, Iowa ,died April 21, 1987
after being ill with emphysema for over ten years. He will be
missed very much by his wife of almost 56 years, and by his four

Submitted by Mrs. Phineas Blanchfield, 720 N. Woodlawn, Lake
City, Iowa 51449

FRANK ERNEST BRUNE died at the age of 73 on March 24, 1987. Born
on a farm in Douglas County Kansas he was a farmer all of his

He loved the farm and the machinery and did all of his own
repairing and often some for his neighbors. After retiring from
active farming he kept busy restoring antique tractors. This was a
hobby he loved and he had a unique collection. Failing health
forced him to sell his farm and his collection of tractors and all
the tools he loved to use, and he and his wife moved to an
apartment in Lawrence last November.

Frank loved to work on his tractors but he always said that one
of the most enjoyable facets of the hobby was the fellowship with
other tractor buffs and all the good friends he made attending
sales and shows.

On their 50th wedding anniversary in August, 1985 Frank and his
wife drove through 8 or 9 states to take in 4 shows: The Rough and
Tumble Show at Kinzers, PA, back to Portland, IN, then to Rollag,
MN and on down to Dalton, MN.

Submitted by Georgiana Brune (Mrs. Frank), DD209 Bristol
Terrace, Lawrence, Kansas 66044

JAMES HERBERT HOLMES passed away in May, 1987, at age 88. In a
couple of months he and his wife Emma would have celebrated their
63rd wedding anniversary.

Herb was a long-time reader of this magazine and attended many
meets and club events in this area, and was a charter member of
some of the older groups. Born and raised on a farm, he and Emma
farmed until Herb went to work in industry, and his interest in
steam and gas engines was with him throughout his life. He was
helpful to many in the hobby, and kept a keen and knowledgeable
interest that benefited many, and his common sense enabled him to
carry on an intelligent conversation of many current events and
topics of the day. Herb had a habit, when finished with a gas
engine, of disconnecting the spark plug to avoid any possibility of
an untimely start. He left his worldly affairs in good order, had a
fine service because of his stipulations, all his engines have the
ignitions disconnected, and his final disconnect was as he would
have desired.

Submitted by Dan J. Bihler, R:D. Box 134, Moundsville, West
Virginia 26041

ALVIN BOUGHN, 78, of Newport, Ohio died last spring. He had
farmed in Madison County many years, had worked as a mechanic on
farm equipment, and was retired from Madison-Plains School where he
was a maintenance man and bus driver.

He was a board member of Miami Valley Steam Threshers
Association, and years ago he played with the Boughn Brothers Old
Time Fiddlers group, playing all over Ohio and other states.

Alvie and his brother Edgar attended many gas engine shows
throughout Ohio. He was in charge of the gas engine area at the
Miami Valley Steam Threshers show. He and his wife Betty restored
an antique 1897 Galloway truck which was on display at the 1986
Miami Valley Steam Threshers show. This truck drew a lot of
attention. It is one of 3 known to be in existence and the only one
running. Alvie will be sadly missed by family, board members of the
Miami Valley Steam Threshers Association, and many many

Submitted by Fred McDaniel, President, Miami Valley Steam
Threshers Association, P.O. Box 555, South Vienna, Ohio 45369

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