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HERB WEBSTER, of Van Etten, New York, passed away January 8,
2001, at the age of 80.

Herb was one of the founders and a charter member of Tioga
County Antique Engines & Tractors, Inc., of Nichols, New York.
Herb was a director of the club since 1990 when it was founded. He
was always there to lend a helping hand wherever needed, not only
in our club but other antique engine and tractor clubs.

He was well known to local clubs and well respected, and he will
be surely missed.

Submitted by Tioga County Antique Engines and Tractors,

LOUIS H. (Yodelin’ Lou) RO-BICHAUD, 79, of Monson,
Massachusetts, passed away on October 30, 2000. He was predeceased
by his wife Agnes. He leaves a son, three daughters, five sisters,
nine grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

During his adult life, he worked in several local mills. He was
the leader of a band called ‘The Happy Travelers’ which he
organized in 1945. He was an Army-Air Force veteran of World War
II, serving in a fighter squadron.

He was a past secretary, treasurer, president, and charter
member of the Scantic Valley Antique Engine Club. Lou was the
person responsible for the reorganization of the SVAEC after the
club was dormant for several years. He was a very loyal member for
many years. He will long be remembered for his singing and
yodeling, with his ‘pick-up’ bands, at the SVAEC’s
annual shows and picnics.

He will be missed by the club, his family, and his friends.

Submitted by Frank & Beryle Carey, 95 Wilbraham Road,
Monson, MA 01057.

FRANKLIN C. (Sonny) KIBBE, 71, of Somers, Connecticut, passed
away January 27, 2001 at Orlando, Florida. He leaves his wife
Diurna, his brother Ralph, and his sister Marie Worthington.

He retired from the Somers Highway Department with 33 years of
service. He also owned and operated the Kibbe Pine View Farm for 51
years, raising strawberries, chickens, eggs, and potatoes. He was a
3 5-year member of the Tolland County Farm Bureau, and served on
the board of directors. He was a life member of The Four Town Fair
Association, an original founder of the Doodlebug Club, a former
member of the Connecticut Egg Co-op, Connecticut Potato Co-op,
Eastern States Grain Co-op, American Milk Association, and the
Devon Cattle Club.

He was also a member of the Scantic Valley Antique Engine Club,
the Somers Historical Society, the American Antique Truck
Association, and the former Tolland Latity Club. He was an honorary
member of the Somers Fire Department, having served 25 years as an

Sonny will be greatly missed by his family, and many, many

Submitted by Frank & Beryle Carey, 95 Wilbraham Road,
Monson, MA 01057.

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