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In past years, clubs have witnessed their fair share of show ground damage resulting from windswept thunderstorms and tornados. This year, it seems the weather has had it out for our friends in Florida.

At this writing, four hurricanes have swept through the state in almost as many weeks, the first time a state has been hit with that many hurricanes in one season since Texas suffered the same fate back in 1886. And the hurricane season still has two months to go.

Hurricane Charley hit on Aug. 13 with gale-force winds, followed by Hurricane Frances on Sept. 4, which dumped water on the already battered state. Damage inflicted by the two storms was severe.

The Florida Flywheelers show grounds in Fort Meade suffered extensive damage, as did the Pioneer Park Days site in nearby Zolfo Springs. Even so, club members and organizers say they’ll have their respective show grounds ready for their planned February and March 2005 show events.

Look for full details in the November 2004 issue of our sister publication, Farm Collector, which will be available in mid-October.

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