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Unless you haven’t been paying attention, you know that the
digital age is here and here to stay. That’s a good thing for
engine collectors, because as the Internet builds, so do the number
of sites dedicated to old iron. And with the launch of our new
online photo gallery, cu.GasEngineMagazine.com, engine collectors
have a new place to share and view engines belonging to collectors
around the world.

Our new site has two great sides. The first is called “You CU,”
and it’s the place for you to create and share photo galleries of
your engines, the shows you go to, restoration projects, club
gatherings and more. It’s also the place to find photo galleries
created by readers just like you, where you can check out their
engine collections from the comfort of your favorite desk

The other side of CU is called “We CU,” and it’s the place to
see photos from past events that we couldn’t get into the magazine.
It’s also where we post great photos not featured in the magazine
and, from time to time, photos of engines we’re planning on
featuring in future issues.

And to celebrate our new photo sharing website, we’ve created a
special contest photo gallery for a “Best of Show” photo feature
that we’ll be running in an upcoming issue of Gas Engine

The idea is simple enough: We want to see the very best of your
summer show photos, and we’ll pick through and publish the best of
the bunch. Turn to page 45 for more information.

Registration is free, so visit CU today to register and post
your engine and show photos. And don’t forget: When you’re making
your own gallery, be sure to create captions and tags for each
photo by clicking on them once they have been uploaded. Captions
and tags help viewers learn more about your photos while also
picking up critical search engine responses that attract new

So get out the camera and take some pics! More info at:
www.GasEngineMagazine.com or http://cu.GasEngineMagazine.com

Richard Backus

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