By Staff

It’s hard to believe that this is already the March issue of
the new year, and that in some southern parts of the U.S., shows
are already underway. It won’t be long until swap meets and
spring auctions have begun!

Meanwhile, we have just sent our 1991 Directory to the printer,
and expect to see it back by early March. This year has broken
another record for size, at 144 pages. We’ve also added seven
pages of color show pictures in the back of the book for the first
time. We greatly appreciate the efforts of all of you who are
involved in supplying the information for our Directory and
especially the support of the clubs that advertise. The number of
Directories distributed each year goes up and we hope that our
seventeenth issue will be no exception!

We’re passing on to you a name and address of an engine buff
who has suffered some setbacks recently in the form of a couple of
strokes. One of his engine buddies sent in his name and said
he’d really enjoy some mail from other engine collectors.
Orville Decker, 533 West Maple Street, Adrian, Michigan 49221.

Those of you who handle show advertising for your organizations
should know that we have mailed out our annual ‘ad packets’
to assist you in placing your advertising with us. If you
haven’t received one, call or write our advertising department
and we’ll send you one. This goes for new shows, as well.

Once again, we’ve placed our Directory ad on the inside
front cover of this issue, but you don’t have to cut up your
magazine to order! You can photocopy it, or just send us your name
and address with your request and payment.

As always, we encourage our subscribers to use this part of the
year (when you spend more hoursinside) to write a story to share
with other readers. Unfortunately, this issue is a bit light on
reading material, but we expect to make it up to you in the April

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