By Staff

The searing heat of this summer, and the lack of rainfall, have
made 1988 a year that will be remembered as one of the worst for
farmers in the nation’s history. We hope that despite the
problems your attendance at shows and reunions has held up. People
often welcome engine rallies as gatherings at which they can talk
with friends and (this year) fellow sufferers. We earnestly hope
that by the time you read this, the rains will have come, bringing
relief and possibly aid to crops.

We are happy to bring the announcement of a new organization,
the Tennessee Valley Pioneer Power Association at Eagleville, 30
miles south of Nashville. Buddy Woodson, president, tells us there
are 45 members holding monthly meetings. Their first show is set
for September 10. If you wish to join or take part in the show,
call Woodson at 615-274-6987, or write Rt. 1 Box 91, Eagleville, TN

Dick Valinski, Fishkil, NY, writes in with a correction on the
story on the show of the Hudson Valley Old Time Power Association
in our July ’88 issue. The story, written by a visitor, said
the club had a profit of $43,000.00 on its 1987 auction. Valinski
says actually the $43,000.00 was the total for consigned goods
sold, and the club’s share was $3,600.00.

Has your club ever made a full listing of all the engines its
members own? We made a survey of this kind some years ago and
utilized the statistics for articles. Now we’d like to update
the numbers. We’re also interested in rarities-one-of-a-kind
and so on. Write to us c/o Engine Survey.

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