By Staff

Many foreign visitors are among the crowds attending shows and
reunions in the U.S. and Canada this year, and we hope this will
lead to an increasing exchange of information and long-lasting

We are told that safety regulations are being stiffened by
organizations abroad, and strongly recommend that all groups review
their policies and practices to make certain all possibilities for
accidents are foreseen. Children too close to engines in motion, or
to moving parts of tractors, could bring trouble upon
themselves-with resultant trouble for organizations.

We gladly remind our readers again that we now handle credit
card sales (Visa and Mastercard) and look forward to doing more and
more business through this convenience. Remember that if you wish
to use these charges, we’ll need to know your card number, its
expiration date and your phone number. Some subscribers have
already availed themselves of the opportunity, and as Santa Claus
time approaches we see wives using this method to make sure their
husbands’ gifts are taken care of well in advance.

Who’s the oldest restorer/collector out there in Engineland?
That’s something for you to discuss as you gather ’round
the coffee pot for shop talk.

How are the new organizations doing? We hope they’ll report,
with good clear photographs, so we can assist them in building
membership and audience.

Good cheer to one and all. We deeply appreciate the reliance you
put on us, with your stories and ads. If we can serve you further
in any way, make a suggestion.

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