By Staff

As I said in last month’s letter, we will be sending out our
information packets for the 1987 Show Directory in mid-October.
There is still time for you to write and get this package if your
show is a new one. The deadline for Directory listings and
advertising is December 15, so you will have time to return the
information to us. We’ve been going over the mailing list
carefully and hope that all of the duplications, etc. have been
pulled out, but there’s always a chance that a show will be
missed. If you’re the one who should receive the package and
you don’t have it by late October, let us know and we’ll
try to correct that!

We’ve received a couple more letters on the issue of group
liability insurance for engine shows, but so far the response has
not been overwhelming. We’ll try to put what we have into an
informative article for next month, so there’s still time to
write and comment on this if you wish!

In this issue, we have reproduced some color pages from an early
New Way catalog. It’s taken us rather a long time to finally
get this material to press, but we’d be happy to do this for
other readers who might have old material printed in color that
could be reproduced. We are using the services of an excellent
professional photographer for this work, hoping that the color will
be as true to the original manual as our printing process will
allow. We think this will be another good way to share color
information which is so vital to engine and tractor restorers.

Some of our own ads appear in color in this issue. If you would
like to know what color ads would cost you, please inquire since
pricing will be on an individual basis depending on the amount of
color involved. Also, we will need more time to process color

We are looking for informative reports on your shows in 1986!
These need not be long, but they should make good reading for
people who do not attend your show, as well as those who do. We
also seek clear photos, both in color and black and white.

Speaking of color, we hope you enjoy autumn’s ‘flaming
foliage’ either at home or on travels. It’s a wonderful
showat no cost.

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