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With this issue, May 1985, we officially begin monthly
publication of Gas Engine Magazine. Those of you who are
our current subscribers will be receiving this issue as a bonus.
We’re pleased that the transition is going smoothly, and again
are grateful for your encouraging letters.

For the next few issues, your mailing labels will continue to
carry your original expiration date, based on bi-monthly
publication. Eventually, we will change the labels to reflect the
new expiration issues for monthly status. Here is a chart to give
you some idea when you can expect your subscription to expire:



May/June 1985

June 1985

July/August 1985

July 1985

September/October 1985

August 1985

November/December 1985

September 1985

January/February 1986

October 1985

March/April 1986

November 1985

Response to our 1985 Steam and Gas Show Directory has been
enthusiastic, and it’s not too late to get a copy! There was
one error in the Directory that we know of, and that is the date of
the Klair’s Mill Creek Valley Engine Party on page 3, in
Delaware. The correct dates for the show are June 8 and 9, not July
8 and 9 as printted.

Below, we are introducing a Table of Contents-something many of
you have asked for-hopefully it will make it easier for you to
refer back to articles in the future.

Gas Engine Magazine
Gas Engine Magazine
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