By Staff


For several months, we have been converting our subscription
information from a manual system to a computerized one. I have been
told that beginning with this issue, we WILL have our new computer
labels, which should show the new expiration dates.
(I’m keeping my fingers crossed, since I write this letter
several weeks before the issue is mailed!)

Your new label will have a customer number (a combination of
your current zip code and initials of your name) and an expiration
issue. If you write to us, especially with an address change, it
would be helpful to include your customer number.

Here is what a label for me would look like if my subscription
were to expire with the November/December 1985 issue:

Note that if your subscription would have expired with Nov/Dec
1985, it will now expire with September 1985 (0985) because of the
change to monthly publication.

We have been very careful in putting our information into the
computer, but it is almost certain that in handling over 20,000
names, addresses and subscription records, we shall have made some
errors. Please drop us a card or note if we’ve made an error
that should be corrected, and do try to be patient!

If the expiration dates which have changed because of our going
monthly are confusing to you, do refer back to your May issue, page
1, where we printed a chart showing the new and old dates.

Back in the March/April issue, we carried a story on The
Metcalfes and Manufacturing in Quincy (Pennsylvania)
. There
was an error in the caption on the photo on page 6. This engine is
not an engine manufactured by Quincy, nor was it made in 1889. It
is in fact a Domestic type F engine made after 1911-12. The photo
did come from an early Quincy salesman’s sample book,

Don Kirkpatrick of 447 A Springton Road, Glen Moore, PA 19343
pointed out our error to us, and provided additional background
material. Don is working on a history of Domestic, based on his
collection of Company records. In any case, we are responsible for
this error and felt it warranted correction.

Incidentally, it is not too early to let us know about new clubs
and shows that should be included in our 1986 Show Directory, so
drop us a line if you know of new (or old) shows not included in
the 1985 Directory which should be carried in future issues. All we
need is a contact person’s address and we’ll do the

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