By Staff

This issue marks a new chapter in the history of Gas Engine
– a new owner, a new location, and new staff. As many
readers know from Linda Weidman’s ‘Editor’s Letter’
in the September issue, Gas Engine Magazine has joined the
Ogden family of publications and is now being produced out of our
offices here in Topeka, Kan.

Starting with this page you’ll notice changes in the look of
the magazine, many due simply to differences in equipment used at
the old offices in Pennsylvania and our digs here in Kansas. But
many of these changes are intentional, made with a goal toward
making the magazine easier to read and more inviting to the eye.
One thing that won’t change, however, is the magazine’s
commitment to bringing you interesting stories and information
about the engines and machines you lovingly collect and

Somehow, I was lucky enough to be hired on to head this magazine
as it goes into this new and exciting era in its already long life.
I’m well aware of the history and tradition of Gas Engine
, and my goal is to work hard strengthening those
things you like the most, making sure this magazine is the kind of
publication that you, the reader, want it to be.

I encourage your feedback on all fronts – whether it’s to
congratulate or criticize. I encourage you to send me your stories
and pictures of your treasured engines, and I’m looking forward
to meeting and speaking with many of you as we move into this new
chapter of Gas Engine Magazine. Please telephone me at
(785) 274-4379, 1503 SW 42nd St., Topeka, KS 66609-1265, or via
email at: rbackus@ogdenpubs.com.

Gas Engine Magazine
Gas Engine Magazine
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