By Staff

We got a letter from Rollin Schnieder, an Extension Safety
Specialist from the Cooperative Extension Service at the University
of Nebraska, in response to Peter Wing’s cartoon which appeared
on page 11 of our August 1990 issue. ‘The only time we should
ever consider loading forward is if we have a cable to assist in
loading and unloading. Even that is secondary to backing the unit
onto the tractor or tilt bed.’ We appreciate Schnieder’s
timely safety reminder.

It’s hard to believe, but October is the month when we send
out notices to show contacts seeking information for the 1991
Directory. If you are your show’s ‘official contact
person’ and you have moved or turned your duties over to
someone new, let us know as soon as possible! And, should you
discover a new show in your late summer travels, don’t hesitate
to drop us a line to see whether we might include it in our 1991

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