By Staff

Unfortunately, we didn’t have room this month for all the
interesting stories we have ready, but have used what we could. We
got a response from Doug Merrill about the article on the Woodsman
Saws that he and his brother manufactured (see June 1989 issue,
page 23-25). It seems that their saws never weighed over 90
pounds-the interview stated mistakenly that some weighed 250

A reminder to our Case fans, a special weekend celebration of J.
I. Case’s entry into the Ag-Hall of Fame is planned for October
20-22, in Bonner Springs, Kansas. Send a self-addressed, stamped
envelope to the Case Heritage Foundation, 204 E. Melbourne Ave,
Silver Spring, MD 20901 to receive full information.

And if you have a NEW show, or one not on our mailing list, let
us know as soon as possible, as we’ll be sending our our 1990
Directory information packets in October. And enjoy the end of
engine show season ’89!

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