Editor’s Letter

By Staff

It’s bad enough that I did it once, but twice is two times
too many. I’m referring to my comments in the November and
December issues of GEM in which I stated first, that the
show season is almost over, and second, that winter is upon us. Not
necessarily so, as Tom Salmons writes: ‘In the Southeast the
show season is just starting, and you can go to an engine show
every weekend nearly ’til April.’ So, to Tom and the rest
of you, apologies, and if the snow starts flying around here, I
guess I’d better shake my boots off and head for your shows and
enjoy a winter respite.

In a continuation of sorts on the Tillinghast article from the
December GEM (The Tale of Tillie, page 12), this
month we feature a fantastic article on the history of the B.D.
Tillinghast Machine Shop. Bill Tremel and Joe Prinzinger researched
and compiled the article presented on page 25, and it might
interest readers to know that Prinzinger, besides being an old-iron
nut, is also a professor of economics at Lynchburg College in
Lynchburg, Va. Not only that, Prinzinger was, in some measure, paid
by Lynchburg University for his Tillinghast research. How’s
that, you ask? Well, Prinzinger happened to be on sabbatical when
conducting his Tillinghast research, but at the same time he was
also researching stationary engines as part of his university work
(for what purpose he has yet to say), and happily for us he was
able to combine the two projects. Now, I ask you, does he have a
great job, or what?

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