By Staff

As we write this letter, fall is in full swing and beautiful
foliage is everywhere to be seen and enjoyed. Our Directory mailing
has gone out for the 1990 edition, and we’re already getting a
good response. Remember that December 15 is the deadline, and
don’t let your show lose out on the free listing opportunity
which comes only once a year!

And speaking of missed opportunities, don’t lose out on
advertising by sending your ads in late! Our deadline is the
7th of every month, and it is wise to get your ads
in before that day, since the traveling time in
the mail is not always as prompt as you may expect.

We are hard at work on our new book on garden tractors written
by Dave Baas, and hope to see it out in a couple of months. And for
those of you interested in joining the new edition of our
Collectors’ Network, see the ad in this issue-deadline there is
February 15.

This is the last issue of the first 24 years of G.E.M., the
brainchild of the late Elmer Ritzman. We are constantly trying to
improve G.E.M., and to see that our readers get what they want, so
don’t hesitate to let us know how we’re doing. Next month
we’ll begin a regular column from Jack Versteeg, president of
the Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association, which we hope
you’ll enjoy.

We wish all of our subscribers and advertisers, friends and
competitors, a joyful holiday season and a bright new year!

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