By Staff

Recently we heard from John Bowles, a subscriber in Clinton,
Michigan, with an update on a half scale John Deere engine offered
for sale by an advertiser in GEM over 3 years ago. Bowles sent us a
copy of an article from a Waterloo, Iowa newspaper which says that
the state is seeking $25,000 to be distributed to consumers who
purchased the engines and have not received them.

The article says, ‘Anyone who purchased one of (Gene)
Dettmer’s engines and has not yet received it can file a
complaint and state officials will attempt to reimburse them.’
Consumers should be able to show an order form as proof that they
have purchased one of the engines. Presumably, more information may
be obtained from the Iowa attorney general’s office.

We are pleased to hear that this matter is being settled and
hope that those who are due compensation will see this notice.

As we are now in the height of show season, we wish everyone
good weather, great attendance and fine fellowship this summer.

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