Editor’s Letter

By Staff

Well, it’s just about the end of the show season, and for some people probably none too soon. As fun as it is, at some point you just start getting tired, finding yourself actually looking forward to going back to your standard routines, taking a little breather and then gearing up for next year’s shows!

That is, of course, precisely what many of you will be doing as we go into the winter months. There are all those engines you bought this year, and not really all that much time to get them up and running for the next season. This was a great year in the old iron hobby, with more old engines coming out of hiding, saved from obscurity and the ravages of rust and moisture, revived to run again.

Heads up to all the clubs and shows: You should all be receiving a mailing alerting you to the pending publication of the 2002 Steam and Gas Show Directory. The mailing asks for any and all updates on shows and club information. This will be your chance to make sure we have our information in the system correctly and for you to update us on any changes before the directory is printed and mailed out in February. So, make sure to get your mailing back to us so we can have as accurate a directory as possible.

This issue of Gas Engine Magazine brings a new department, Letters and Miscellanies, which appears on the following page. I personally believe every magazine should have a letters department, one thing that has been missing from these pages. It’s a good place to run follow-ups on questions readers have asked C.H. Wendel, to add information about an engine or company people think might be helpful, and for simply posting thoughts about the engine hobby and interesting developments of one sort or another.

As ever, I look forward to your comments and questions about Gas Engine Magazine, and I encourage each and every one of you to drop me a line with your thoughts about the magazine or with stories you’d like to see us print. Contact me anytime at (785) 274-4379, 1503 SW 42nd St., Topeka, KS 66609-1265, or via email at: rbackus@ogdenpubs.com.

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