A Nostalgic Tin Toy Treasure

By Staff
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Franklin Center, Pennsylvania 19091 Mdooley@franklinmint.

In a world where everything seems to run on microchips,
there’s something warm and comfortable about connecting with
the past and reliving the simple joy of an old-fashioned windup
toy. Now, Franklin Mint Precision Models, in association with John
Deere, captures the nostalgia with a handsome tin toy replica of
the coveted John Deere Model ‘B’ tractor–the most trusted
name on American farms for over 160 years.

The 8? inch long model is made of lithographed high-quality
tin-plated steel, in the bright green and yellow colors of Deere
& Company. It’s crafted using the ‘slot in tab’
hand-assembly technique in the tradition of the tin toys of more
than 100 years ago.

An old-fashioned windup mechanism is then inserted, and a toy
farmer in overalls and hat is anchored behind the steering wheel,
ready to roll. A vintage-style box completes the package.

The John Deere Model ‘B’ Tractor Tin Collectible is
available exclusively from The Franklin Mint for $69 plus shipping
and handling.

For purchase information, phone 1-800-THE-MINT, visit the
Franklin Mint Store near you, or check out our web site at
www.franklinmint.com. Deere trademarks used under license from
Deere &. Company.

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