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I am a subscriber to Farm Collector and Gas Engine
. For some years I have visited at least a half dozen
antique machinery shows around this area. I am amazed at how few
people in the general population even know about the shows, or of
the existence or the extent of collecting and restoring old
machinery. This includes people with a direct connection with
museums or an interest in earlier lifestyles. I have traveled by
auto in all of the contiguous 48 states, and mostly off the
interstates. I have visited many history museums, including all the
major aviation museums. The aviation museums do sometimes appear in
television shows and travel guides.

Most of my television viewing is confined to such shows on
The History Channel, The Learning Channel and the
Discovery Channel. Yet, to the best of my knowledge, they
have never covered the subject. Old cars and occasionally old
airplanes, but never have I seen old farm machines. Sometimes, new,
very large or very unusual machines are shown. Do the show
producers even know about the extent of restorations? I admit I
have done little to interest television, partly because I have not
taken the trouble to really try to find out whom to contact.

I have written both the local newspaper and several television
channels, with no answer. There are two rather good nearby shows –
one at Georgetown, Ohio, and one at Brookville, Ind. Both are about
a one-hour drive from my home in Cincinnati. Portland, Ind., is
only a bit over two hours away.

My first knowledge of the shows was a small poster I saw at a
tractor dealer outside of Cincinnati when I stopped to pick up a
part for a tractor used in our construction work. I have been a fan
ever since.

Most of the shows offer much besides just engines. You see many
families at the shows, but it is probable that most of them live in
rural areas. Yet, many city dwellers came from rural backgrounds
and would have an interest in sharing experiences with their
children. It could be an educational experience for several

Perhaps there is a lack of know-how among show organizers as to
how to get the publicity to bring the information to the public’s

Is this a subject that merits discussion in some of the Ogden

Stuart L. Faber
5512 Evergreen Ridge Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45215-5754
(513) 821-0943

Editor’s note: As it so happens, we recently spoke with a
party actively working to put together a series on farm shows for
Discovery Channel. We’ll keep readers posted as we
learn more

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