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These are photos I have taken of my collection. The first photo
(right) is of a 1928 Witte 2 HP log saw, serial no. 81424. In the
background are the tractors I have restored over the years. The
shadow on the left side of the photo is my shop with my collection
of engines. None of the engines are anything special, but I have
enjoyed restoring them. Below is the collection of my engines.

Our town of Newell, Iowa, has a population of 950. We have Pride
Days, a three-day event, complete with parade, ball games, reunion
of the school classes and other things. The last few years I have
been setting my collection out for display. Quite a few people stop
and admire them, which I really enjoy.

Dick Christiansen
P.O. Box 669
Newell, IA 50568
(712) 272-4401

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