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Clockwise from top: Seven-cylinder Fairbanks-Morse; 75 HP 2-cylinder FMY; 6-cylinder FMY; 115 HP 3-cylinder FMY; front of the Yuma Light & Water plant.

I stopped in Yuma, Colo., and checked out the power plant. Talk
about cool! They have a 2-cylinder 75 HP Fairbanks-Morse Model Y, a
3-cylinder 115HP FMY, a 6-cylinder FMY and the “Big Daddy,” a
7-cylinder Fairbanks. All of these are generator engines. They all
run, but the 7-cylinder is having problems. It doesn’t want to
generate juice any more.

The engineers believe the problem is in the small generator that
excites the big generator. I’m no electrician, so I’ll leave that
up to the experts. They are desperately looking for help to get
this generator back to gennin’! So I’m passing this along: I’m sure
someone out there would jump at the opportunity to work with these
monsters. The city council doesn’t want to pour any money into
these, but Scott Moore, the city electric supervisor, doesn’t want
these engines ending up in the scrap yard! Can someone please help?
Contact Scott Moore at: (970) 848-3878; (970) 630-3547. Thanks!

Doug Waggonner

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