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'It may look like a big pile of junk to most people, but to engine enthusiasts, it’s a goldmine! What you see here is just a small portion of the 150 engines acquired in this purchase. '

I’m sending you pictures of an engine collection I got a couple
years ago. I acquired them at an auction. They came from an old man
who passed away from Plainfield, Ill. He told his son there were
150 engines, and he was right – everything from Briggs &
Stratton to Stickney, a big mess 8 feet tall. Anyway, I got them
moved after nine trailer loads 75 miles away. Sold them to friends
and through two small ads in the newspaper. Went cheap to a good

On a different subject, I’ve been showing engines at local shows
for 40 years. They even provided us with gas years ago, but they
don’t anymore, which is okay. But now they want to charge us old
guys to come to the show and run our engines all day long. We put
the show on for the club and they want to make us pay. I and about
15 of my friends didn’t go this year. I think the club officers who
made that law must have been born about six months early. One club
doesn’t even have a show on account of making us pay. I’d like to
get some feedback on this.

I have about 40 nice engines and I don’t know what to do with
them. Maybe a sale, I guess.

Don Klein
3002 6th St.
Peru, IL 61354

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