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By Staff

In answer to query 40/5/2 (GEM, May 2005, page 6), the
unknown engine in question is a Lockwood-Ash marine engine. It is
probably a Model B, built in the 1925 to 1930 era. The homemade
wooden pulley mounted on the PTO says that someone modified it for
stationary engine work rather than marine use. This engine does not
follow the norm of the day produced by Lockwood-Ash, since those
engines were typically single- and multi-cylinders of a 2-stroke
design, water-cooled and vertical cylinder(s), rather than opposed
and horizontal. Little, if anything else about these engines is
known as far as I have found.

Seeking information is a tougher job sometimes than the actual
resurrection of the engines themselves!

Martin Zirger

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