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By Staff
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Robert Mitchell’s vertical International Titan engine.

Early one morning in January 2005, I received a sad phone call.
A long time friend, Carl Fuqua, had lost his battle with cancer.
His knowledge of engines and machinery will be truly missed.

A few months later, I was contacted by his family and was able
to obtain a 1907 2 HP International vertical engine. I knew it had
been stored in a building for about 30 years, and it had been
longer than that since it ran. It was complete and loose, so after
a few days of tinkering, a new fuel tank, fuel lines and cleaning,
it was ready to start. After hooking up a coil and battery, I gave
it about six or seven turns. Finally, on about the eighth turn, it
popped and took off running. It now starts very easily and has run
most of a day without missing a beat. The outside has faded paint,
no paint, a little rust and a little grease so it’s not pretty to
look at, but that’s the way Carl liked ’em and I think I do,

Robert Mitchell
5769 Betts Road
Greenbrier, TN 37073

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