Letters and Miscellanies

By Staff

It is with a heavy heart that I have to report to the engine
community the passing of Fred Hendricks from
Moosup, Conn.

Fred was just a few days shy of his 88th birthday when he passed
away. Fred was in the auto repair business most of his life, but
his hobbies and interests are almost too numerous to name. He was a
Mason, Shriner, life member of the NRA, life member of Rough and
Tumble and he belonged to almost every engine club he attended.

Fred collected guns, knives, lamps, coins, steam whistles, built
racecars and of course we all knew Fred and associated him with his
engine collection. He always had a beautiful engine to display and
fascinated people with how nice it would run.

Fred and his late wife Judy, who was dubbed “Queen of the Engine
Shows” by the late Nate Lillibridge, rarely missed the local New
England shows. After the loss of his eyesight, his beloved wife and
three children, Fred started losing interest in attending shows. He
will be greatly missed by all the people he touched. He is survived
by a daughter, Carolyn, a brother in South Carolina, grandchildren,
cousins, nieces and nephews and a couple of very close friends who
will miss him dearly. So long ‘ole buddy, give my regards to

Submitted by Phil and Coreen St. Jean, Coventry,

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