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I had a couple old 18-inch wheels that were rusted tight on a
shaft. They were in my way for a long time. Then I noticed there
were two more smaller wheels in the corner.

Now, I usually save unwanted iron for the junk man, but there by
the fence was a small wooden keg. So, I thought, four wheels make a
cart and the keg will fit on the cart.

I robbed Ron Morgan’s scrap bin of a 4-inch length of square
tube and took the tube and front axle to Dave Harris, our magneto
man, for some light welding. It was a nice honey wagon.

I took it to some shows and people didn’t know what a honey
wagon was. They asked if it was whiskey in there. Having spent 18
months in Germany with Uncle Sam, I came up behind a farmer pulling
a honey wagon several different times and couldn’t get around.
Believe me, it wasn’t whiskey in there.

Bob Thomas
121 Edds St.
Pekin, IL 61554-4327

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