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Regarding Flywheel Forum 41/7/1 about Wisconsins in
GEM, July 2006. This engine is about 4 HP, probably drove
a belt-driven or directly coupled generator. Manuals for this
engine may still be available from Wisconsin.

The Signal Corp. was the part of the U.S. Army that handled all
types of communications: telephone, radio, telegraph, flashing
lights, etc.

The Army serial number indicates it was an early production in
the series, built under the contract for that equipment. The number
built would have been given in the original contract. The Wisconsin
serial number says it was built in about May of 1942.

It may have military specification parts on it; for instance, a
cast iron head rather than aluminum, along with the steel rope
sheave and different oil pan, which are mentioned. In generator
service only, the running speed of the generator is the normal
speed of the engine.

In regard to Hercules, the Jaeger Machine Co. built cement
mixers and had the engines built by Hercules. Jaeger’s color was
blue, with very few, if any, changes from Hercules. Glenn Karch
(glenn.karch@gte.net) can give a lot more information on these

Max Koone

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