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Donald Smoot’s B&S.

Here is a photo of a 1930 Model FI Briggs & Stratton, serial
no. 13489. The owner, Cliff Christen, brought it to the “Kimmeys of
the Kodgy Moshes,” a group of men who restore old gas engines. The
name of the group translated, means Friends of the Old

When Cliff brought the little engine in, it was pretty
rough-looking and needed some attention. It was complete except for
the tappet end of the exhaust rocker arm, which had been broken
off. It was taken to the gentleman down the valley, who is a good
gas welder and he brazed an end onto the rocker arm. After checking
and cleaning the points, the little guy started on about the fifth
crank. Now with further tinkering and adjustment of valves and
points, it regularly starts on the second crank.

Some of the points of interest to me are the fact that it has
overhead valves with external pushrods and rocker arms with a cast
steel head and block. Another interesting item is the starting
mechanism, which is a short piece of roller chain and sprocket

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