In Memoriam

By Staff

Art Hubbell, 79, of Omaha, Neb., passed away in
May 2005, an avid collector of tractors and cars for many years.
Friends and neighbors will miss him.

Submitted by Gaylord DuRee, Omaha, Neb.

Luella M. Hanna, 87, beloved wife of the Rev.
G. Bright Hanna, Marion, Ind., died peacefully in her sleep Aug.
26, 2005. They had been married for more than 66 years. They
collected Maytag washing machine engines. Several models and styles
make up their collection. They exhibited at shows in Hesston,
Winamac, Portland, Tipton and Battleground, Ind.

Luella had suffered a serious heart attack in 2002, which
damaged her system, finally terminating her life. They have a son,
Rev. Joseph Hanna, Ohio, and daughter, Mary Champ, Indiana.

Submitted by Rev. G. Bright Hanna, Marion, Ind.

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