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41/7/2A and B (inset) Gene Abernathy’s Weber engine.

I would like to find information on my Weber upright engine,
such as how it may have been used, a repair manual and when it may
have been made.

The engine is 5 feet tall from the bottom of the base to the top
of the head. The flywheel measures 30 inches in diameter and is 5
inches wide. It is very heavy and takes two or three people to move
it around. It runs very well.

When you idle it down to run slow, it blows perfect smoke rings
out of the 8-inch exhaust pipe coming out the top. The engine is
started with a bar inserted into slots in the flywheel.

It has three brass tags all mounted together on one side of it.
One says: “Sold By Atlas Supply Company Muskogee, Oklahoma &
Branches.” Another has the Weber logo, “type F, No. 101, Weber
Engine Co. Kansas City, Mo. U.S.A.” The last tag says: “Equipped
with HYATT Roller Bearings.”

Maybe this was used in an oil field, railroad or irrigation?
Don’t know. I just think it would be very interesting to find out
more information about it. Gene Abernathy, 201 West St., Brandon,
IA 52210.

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