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'41/9/1A, B and C (left and above): P. Meuffels found this mysterious tractor in France. '
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'41/9/1D (right): The Automatic Machine Co. engine from American Gasoline Engines Since 1872, Vol. II. '

“Deze foto’s zijn gemaakt in Frankrijk kunt u mij informatie
verstrekken over deze machine? Met vriendelijke groet”

Translation: These photographs were taken in France. Can you
supply me information on this machine? Kind regards, P. Meuffels,
Venlosesteenweg 55B, 3680 Maaseik, Belgium;

Editor’s note: We forwarded this letter to noted engine and
tractor historian C.H. Wendel, who wondered if this tractor was
possibly built by someone years ago. “The back wheels have a Case
look, and the placement of the belt pulley is unique,” Wendel

Wendel’s BYB2 shows a 1916 ad for Automatic Machine Co., of
Bridgeport, Conn., noting: “This advertisement indicates that the
company was specializing in 4- and 6-cylinder models, ranging from
30 to 150 HP

“Probably around 1910, a Mr. Werner developed the Automatic
engines. Initially, it was a gasoline engine, but by the early
1920s, and perhaps earlier, he developed a heavy oil engine, as
shown here.”

Notice the access plates on the engine block claiming the
Automatic Machine Co. ‘s work.

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