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'41/9/5A and B (above and below): Richard Witkovsky’s unidentified single-cylinder, 2-cycle engine. '

I have this 2-cycle engine that no one knows the name of or has
been able to tell me anything about. It has a single flywheel with
a diameter of 12 inches and a width of 1-3/4 inches. The flywheel
has four threaded bolt holes, which I do not know what they are
used for. It has a timer on one side, on which is a plate with the
name “Motor Specialties Co., Waltham, Mass., Bemus Time.”

The carburetor is solid brass and has the name “Schebler,
Indianapolis, Ind.”

The engine number is 2709. The height of the engine is 24
inches, the width is 22 inches and it has a cast number of A1313 on
the jug.

On the exhaust and carburetor manifold is a number of A21024,
with possibly one more digit. It has an estimated bore of 3- to
3-1/2-inch and a 4- or 5-inch stroke.

I would appreciate any information. Richard Witkovsky, 1700 S.
Murray, Caro, MI 48723; (989) 673-2579.

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