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I would like to say thank you to all the readers who have sent
me information on Wisconsin engines. But I have found a Wisconsin
that really stumps me. Can anybody help with information on this
model? This Wisconsin has a tin engine tag, not aluminum. It is a
Model ABS, serial no. 209937 with 2-1/2-inch-by-2-3/4-inch bore and
stroke. It has an aluminum tag below the tin tag that reads:
“Signal Corp, U.S. ARMY, ser #37, order #5034 – Phila – 42,
Continental Electric Co., Newark, New Jersey.”

The engine has a little light green paint left on it, and a
flange plate on the PTO side.

Did this engine have a generator on it? The oil pan is different
from the rest of my Wisconsins and the rope starter sheave is
steel, not aluminum. The speed lever has only one notch, wide

Was the ABS an engine to run a generator and who was the Signal
Corp.? If anyone has a photo of the generator that goes on the
engine, please send me a copy. Any information on this engine would
really help. Is the U.S. Army serial no. 37 a low number, or did
they make lots of them?

… and Hercules

I also have a hit-and-miss engine with two tags. The one on the
top of the water hopper reads: “Engine #365688, Rpm 600, HP 25.” On
the magneto side of the base, the tag reads: “Size #3-1/2 T, Ser
#48820, The Jaeger Machine Co., Columbus, OHIO.”

It has a Wico EK magneto. On the magneto trip arm is printed:
“patented Oct-20-1923.” On the magneto side of the hopper there are
some faded out letters that are not readable. On the front of the
hopper there is a round faded out decal about the size of the
Hercules decal.

The engine is a faded blue, with some pinstripes left, but under
the blue is green. It has an oval hole in the top of the water
hopper. Did Hercules make this for Jaeger? Clayton Brimmer, 17430
Yankee Road, Morley, MI 49336.

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